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Clubs And Jobs

Clubs & Student Jobs

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Student Jobs

MORNING NEWS   The Morning News crew is responsible for making the morning announcements for TCE.  Meeting time is 9:00am.  Students in 5th grade are eligible, with some 4th graders participating as needed.  The goal for the program is to help TCE start each day off with a cheerful note as well as building self-esteem for students by featuring them or their achievements on the air.  Improving confidence and developing public-speaking skills are additional benefits to being part of the Morning News Crew.   Tom Green:
 SAFETY PATROL   The job of Safety Patrol is to help maintain discipline and orderliness inside and outside the school during arrival and dismissal times.  Students in 5th grade are eligible.  They keep their fellow students safe by reminding them not to run and helping them if they have fallen or dropped something.  They are responsible for escorting students to and from their vehicles, opening and closing doors and assisting teachers and staff during arrival and departure times. 

Safety Patrol Information
Safety Patrol Application

Kevin Whilden:

 MEDIA HELPERS   Media Helpers assist in the library during morning checkout time (9:00- 9:20). They help fellow students find books, man the check-out computers, as well as check-in and help organize books.  It is a great way to learn library skills and responsibility. Students in 4th & 5th grades are eligible and usually follow a three week rotation.

Anne Geer:

Kathy Thompson:  

MAIL SERVICE   Students at Turner Creek may write letters during their spare time or during writing time to develop their letter writing skills, complete with proper parts of a letter and correctly addressed envelopes.  The Mail Service is responsible for delivering this mail.  Students in 3rd grade are eligible for Mail Service and may submit an application to their teacher to get involved in this club.  Joe Briscoe:
 ECO TEAM  The Eco Team collects paper from all classrooms and offices for recycling.  4th grade students are eligible for Energy Patrol and meet on rotating Tuesdays & Thursday mornings from 8:45-9:10. 

 Brandy Taylor at

STUDENT COUNCIL   The Turner Creek Student Council is designed to allow students some supervised decision-making about school functions and special programs.  Student representatives for 4th and 5th grade are elected by their peers and must show strong positive character traits.  Students meet regularly with the Student Council Teacher Representative. 

Rhonda Riggins:


Student Clubs and Programs



The Fourth Grade Battle of the Books challenges students to read great books and then participate in a quiz bowl competition to showcase their knowledge. Working in teams, each student taking part in Battle makes a long-term commitment to read at least 5 books from a chosen list and then competes in March answering questions about the books.  The club will meet during the school day, on a monthly basis. Students will improve their teamwork and comprehension skills, practice question writing and get the opportunity to read great books! 


Anne Geer at 

Kathy Thompson at

Missy Laster: 

5TH GRADE BATTLE OF THE BOOKS  This club is open to any 5th graders interested in the challenge of reading great books and then participating in a team quiz bowl competition showcasing their knowledge. The books read will be from the North Carolina Children's Book Awards 2014-15 list. Working in teams, each student will be responsible for reading at least 5 books from the list, and then take part in a competition of their knowledge of the books in March. The club will meet during the school day, on a monthly basis. Students will improve their teamwork and comprehension skills, practice question writing and get the opportunity to read great books!  


Anne Geer:

Kathy Thompson:

Missy Laster:

 CHESS CLUB   The chess club consists of two groups (2-3 & 4-5), which meets once a week on different days beginning in the fall until May.  Grades 2-5 are eligible to participate.  The purpose of the Chess Club is to teach the students how to play chess with other students at the school in the morning before school starts.  There are both informal games and timed games.  Although not required, students are invited to attend local chess tournaments.  Good sportsmanship, teamwork and relating chess to traditional academic subjects are additional benefits of joining the chess club. 

 Marion Bhatt:

  2014 Registration

TURNER CREEK CONCERT CHORUS   The Chorus program strives to encourage a lifelong love for music in students.  It is open to 4th graders, who meet on Wednesdays, and 5th graders, who meet on Mondays and Fridays.  Chorus participation helps children develop in many ways.  Research has shown that music education improves children’s academic abilities.  Music education also teaches discipline, perseverance, teamwork, dependability, and pride in results.  Our singers learn to model the behaviors needed for success in life.  In addition, the Chorus uses music in service to their school and community.  Our young singers share their gift of music with others by performing at various venues in the community.  Past venues include the Progress Energy Performing Arts Center, Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh, Koka Booth and Bond Park Amphitheaters. Mary Elliott Michael:
POLLYWOGS MUSIC PROGRAM  Our Pollywog music program will include K-3 grades. Our children will discover, imagine and create with singing, playing instruments, dramatic skits, puppetry and creative movement. Music programs set the stage for healthy development by nurturing the cognitive, emotional, physical and social child. Music enhances children’s intelligence in mathematics, spatial reasoning skills and ability to handle complex reasoning tasks. Our Pollywogs will rehearse during their music special time. We will be announcing various sharing times throughout the year Mary Elliott Michael: 
SPELLING BEE   Turner Creek conducts a spelling bee for fourth and fifth grade students in December. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate! It is a competition of spelling abilities and the purpose is to encourage students to know and apply spelling rules to spell words out loud. Please visit the Spelling Bee website for information throughout first and second quarter: Website: